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Board Members

Koh Seng Giap

Director – Production

Seng Giap is Director of Production and is responsible for the delivery of artistic production for projects. Having held various positions such as painter, sculptor, production manager and project director for numerous large-scale projects, Seng Giap is proficient in the production of many thematic elements.

A seasoned artist, his expertise has guided many artists working on demanding projects to deliver high quality finishes that have exceeded the expectations of their clients. Coupled with his technical knowledge in various production techniques, he has directed many production projects in the selection of materials, techniques and quality control to achieve project expectations.

He has achieved notable international success across 15 years in the thematic industry, especially in artistic and technical production elements. Some of his achievements include Rockwork, Façade, Show Sets and other specialty productions at international Theme Parks such as Shanghai Disneyland, Hong Kong Disneyland, Hengqin Ocean Kingdom, DreamWorld Theme Park, Universal Studios Singapore and The Venetian Macao.